The Limits to Growth
Club of Rome

1 January 2002
Great Transition
Global Scenario Group

Society for Ecological Restoration
Primer on Ecological Restoration

30 April 2013
Beyond GDP: Measuring Global Genuine Progress
Ecological Economics

September 2017
Fourth Sector Development Initiative
World Economic Forum

September 2018
Building Block(chain)s For A Better Planet
World Economic Forum

1 December 2017
Southeast Asia’s Biodiversity Crisis

1 December 2017
Our Narratives

8 October 2018
Global Warming of 1.5°C Special Report
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

23 September 2019
How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

15 January 2020
The Global Risks Report 2020
World Economic Forum

5 July 2020
Protecting 30% of the Planet For Nature
The Campaign for Nature

27 July 2020
The IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions
International Union for Conservation of Nature

30 July 2020
Nature-Positive Recovery for People, Economy & Climate
Nature4Climate Coalition

10 August 2020
Circularity Gap Report 2020
Circle Economy

10 September 2020
Financing the Circular Economy
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

10 September 2020
Living Planet Report 2020
World Wide Fund for Nature

1 February 2021
Fight the Fire
The Ecologist

3 February 2021
Food System Impacts On Biodiversity Loss
Chatham House

18 February 2021
Making Peace with Nature
United Nations Environment Programme

3 June 2021
Becoming #GenerationRestoration
United Nations Environment Programme

29 June 2021
The Economic Case for Nature
World Bank Group